Red Sriracha Blend

Red Sriracha Blend offers a daring sweet-and-hot experience that replicates the flavor profile of an incredibly popular tableside condiment.

Indian Curry Blend

Sensient captures a delicate, savory balance to recreate the taste of authentic curry. Indian Curry Blend brings exotic flavor to South Asian-inspired recipes.

Thai Arbol Chile Blend

From bright lime to fiery arbol chile, the vibrant, complex flavors of Thai cuisine have been identified and incorporated into the Thai Arbol Chile Blend.

Moroccan Harissa Blend

Inspired by the royal cuisine of Marrakesh, our Moroccan Harissa Blend delivers deep, intense heat courtesy of three chili pepper varietals.

Spicy Buffalo Blend

Buffalo wings have evolved from a snack into a rich and spicy flavor with serious crowd appeal. Our Spicy Buffalo Blend is reminiscent of that delicious, tangy sauce.

Pickled Jalapeño Blend

Pickled Jalapeño Blend replicates perfectly the mouth-watering flavor of vinegary, pepper rings found nachos, pizza, or sandwiches.

All-American Hot Sauce Blend

All-American Hot Sauce Blend packs the fiery punch and red pepper flavor of America’s best-selling hot sauces.